Colon Cleanse Pro A total Scam

Colon Cleanse Pro ?A total scam ? They rob your money

Just visited official website of the new weight loss (colon cleanse) scam in the name of Colon Cleanse Pro.

It is someone’s rob and run away strategy. If you know the differences in the website content of genuine products and fake products, you will never get deceived by ColonCleansePro’s 30 days false free trial offer.

I have noted down few things from their website that hint and give scam alerts

  • No ingredients list. They do not display ingredients of their Colon cleansing tablets anywhere in the website.
  • Britney Spears photo saying she gets cleansed very often. This is to fool website visitors by giving a feeling that she is using ColonCleansePro.
  • 30 day free trial terms and conditions: This is a free trial scam with auto-shipment program. You will be billed for $75 or $90 (outside USA) if you do not cancel the order within 15 days of placing the order. You will hardly get 2-4 days after it arrives to see if it works for you. As per user feedback, you cannot get any refund.

The one page website with fake testimonials alone can never be a genuine website. The site contains a link to their “terms and condition” page on the bottom right corner. If you read it you are going to hit your head against wall… because you have to be a “Law Professor” to understand their mile long terms of use!

Never go for this. This product is a total scam. If you have more money donate it for a cause instead of wasting it like this and helping scammers to launch more scams.

I am little skeptical about the colon cleansing products itself. When I asked my doctor about the toxin getting built up in pounds in colon, she laughed loudly and asked me to take fiber rich food which itself cleans the whole digestive system.

If you are looking for weight loss, then you can take the help of Proven weight loss supplements. I highly suggest you to consult your doctor before going for any colon cleansing pills.

Colon Cleanse Pro user feedback, customer experiences.

I have just copied and pasted some real user feedback on Colon Cleanse Pro from

“The product didn’t do one thing for me. I used it as directed for the month’s supply, and there would be no reason to purchase it again. I was also quite surprised when I received the item, printed in the packing slip was an automatic renewal if I didn’t cancel”

“Colon Cleanse Pro is a complete ripoff. It does not tell you to scroll down to the botton of the page for the terms and conditions before you place your RISK FREE offer!!. They had charged my account $69.95 before shipping any product and I found out when I was pay my monthly bill.” ? Jerray

“Forget about the free trial; a total scam. You must notify them and return the item in a time frame where you don’t even have the product yet to try.

As to the product itself, I used it for a week and all it did was constipate me. This product is a waste and the people who sell it are scam artists and I, by my own admission, am an idiot for even requesting the product.

Definitely stay away from this product. I would venture to say that any positive reviews of this product are probably posted by the principals of the company”

“BUYER BEWARE!!!! I went to their website for a “free 30-day trial”, well let me tell you, there is no 30-day trial, and they charged me $69.98 plus shipping (I agreed to pay for the shipping only), even after I contacted them to let them know I was sending back the unopened product, and they said they would not charge me for it. What a shock to find that they had removed funds from my account anyway. As far as the product goes, I cannot comment because I ordered it from their website, and I was not aware of the price, so I sent it back.” – Shotzie


Want to know more about colon cleansing?

I highly recommend you to buy this inexpensive guide called “Master Cleanse Diet”

This “do it yourself” master cleanse diet explains everything about colon cleanse, master cleanse, lemonade diet, maple syrup diet etc.

Instead of falling a victim of another diet pill scam it’s better to learn about your body and colon…don’t you agree with me?

I sure hope so!

Read more about Master Cleanse Diet here


Visit Wikipedia’s Colon cleanse page


  • Jasmine

    hi is it possible to buy this in germany

  • interesting material, where such topics do you find? I will often go

  • Bonnie Tolar

    I found this information very interesting and I am looking forward to more posts!

  • Adeline Rashad

    Want to live a healthier life? Detox diet is the one you wanna try.Its commonly known as a cleansing diet, is a means of cleansing the body with toxins and chemicals that might possibly harm body tissues.Because evryday plenty of toxins and unessential stuffs enters into our body particularly through the gastrointestinal tract, thats why we need to read some extreme colon reviews and can help you in your body cleansing.

  • Mark The Hypnotist

    Wow i was just about to order this and went to the page that says ?3.50 shipping and thought hang on i then googled pro cleanse scam and this site come up they also sell 2 other products and give them too you for free i guess that was the same. Keep up the good work you just saved me 70 bucks and probaly more as i wanted the other 2 items as well. It all looks good from the website but like you said no ingredents and i would not take anything without knowing what it was.
    Thanks for the heads up
    Mark in uk

  • Maryam Clapsaddle

    I am very interested in a sugar-free living. I currently have a sweet-tooth, and am finding it difficult to find meal plans, what to eat for snacks, etc. While diabetes is not something that runs in my family, I am still concerned and would like to be smart and take a proactive approach to my health. Any tips or advice?

  • Thermo Cleanse

    Am I able to cancel the order within 30 days if I decide to not keep it?

  • Daves colon cleanse free trial

    you know I wouldn’t know about you nonetheless my own digestive system seems to have advanced 1000% since I started colon detoxing. I can easily highly vouch for it. Check out Dave’s 100 % free trial above to find out if it’s for you.

  • liz

    thank u so much. i was just about to order this “free” trial when a little voice inside told me to check it out further which led me here.
    I am thrilled that i found this site and thank u so much for giving us all the heads up.

  • Hayley

    Hi, i have also been taken in by this scam. I even followed their instructions emailing them to cancel my subscription within 3 days of receiving the product as it made me feel ill. I have also been charged ?70 without any notice and have been left unable to pay my rent. I have sent several emails and yet still haven’t received one single reply.

    These people should not be allowed to carry out business in this way!!!

  • Angry Customer

    I AGREE!!! IT’S A TOTAL SCAM AND THEY ROB YOU OFF YOUR MONEY!!! I recommend to everyone NOT to take advantage of their trial offer!!! They simply take your credit card details and charge you the FULL AMOUNT WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT!!! Which means that their so-called “TRIAL PACKAGE” is NOT free!!! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!

  • sarah

    I was also taken in by this advert and had 79.04 debited from my account ,,,,but do not give up people !!! I used the live chat on their website to request a refund and also contacted my bank to report an unauthorised withdrawal from my account ( I had contacted these people to cancel as asked on the website and they took my money anyway), my card was cancelled (a pain I know) so they will not get there hands on any more of my money. I was called by my bank today to say that procleanse were giving a refund ,,,and if they do not my bank will cover it. IT IS WORTH CANCELLING YOUR CARD AS I HAVE READ REPORTS OF SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF POUNDS BEING TAKEN FROM PEOPLES ACCOUNT. Contact your bank for help ,,,dont let them get away with it.

  • sicknote

    I did consider it till i saw the above- now very glad i didnt get passed the thinking stage – think i will go to Holland and Barrat by car as it seems slightly safer, considerably cheaper and if i want to complain or ask for a refund i can do so face to face!

  • LJ

    ******* Please stay away from this site *******

    I ordered their “Free Trial” of procleanse for ?2.79 which was the P&P, ITS A SCAM and they are just thiefs, they took ?77.20 from my credit card without my premission and are now refusing to refund the money they stole from me.


  • Henry Papai

    Such a shame that negative people are out there calling for a pound of flesh.

  • john

    what a total rip off they have took 5 payments out of our account and the banks say theres nothing they can do even though the banks know they are scamming ppl beware folks utter rip off

  • ann

    Yeah me too been ripped off to a total of 184 44 as more of the stuff arrived while on holiday even though I too had cancelled. I bank with tesco who wont cancel my credit card but say they will refund me.

  • mick

    i too was taken for a mug by this website, they took ?58 from my account then a further ?10 the following day,i cancelled my credit card and my bank say they may be able to give my money back. thanks for the advice from this website

  • Tiera Ishmon

    Aw, it was a very good post. In concept I would like to jot down such as this furthermore – taking time as well as actual work to make a excellent article? but so what can We say? I procrastinate alot by absolutely no means appear to get something done.

  • Diet

    Nice, do you know How much Yoga is powerful.. its just wow… I know people taing lots of pills to control their weight but I suggest do yoga or other good excercise as well with diet pills then you will rock. Enjoy !!!

  • Kelly

    I thought this looked like a good offer too until I looked at the terms and conditions, it’s right down the bottom of the page but I wasn’t ordering anything without checking. Basically the ‘free’ offer is only free for the first month if you then carry on with the products. I read an article which totally sang the praises of this product otherwise I would never have considered taking a wonder pill anyway. Pleased I came across this page


  • Julie, Leeds

    Liars and thieves. Not only did the products not work but it was not made clear to me that by taking the trial you are signing up to a subscription. It didnt work after the 30 days however they sent me another bottle and debited ?120 from my bank account. When I phones to query it the woman was rude and like “so what”. Not exactly a free trial is it. DO NOT GET INVOLVED

  • amy

    Yes they scammed me…….They say they will refund whole amount but then didn’t……..