Dietrine Diet Pill Review

How Does Dietrene Work?

dietrine reviewThis is an old supplement. However, I thought of writing a quick review of it. Dietrine is basically a carb blocker. During digestion, the carbohydrates from the food consumed, converts into sugar with the use of the enzyme, alpha amylase.

The active ingredient in Dietrine i.e., Phase2 which is extracted from white kidney beans neutralizes the alpha amylase before it converts the carbohydrates into glucose. T

his, in turn, reduces the amount of carbohydrates being absorbed by the body and stops one from putting on more weight. The Vanadium element in Dietrene is vital for cellular metabolism, to improve insulin utilization, resulting in improved glucose tolerance. The Chromium chelavite in the product helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Dietrene Ingredients:

The active ingredient in dietrene is Phase2. Phase2 is a component that is extracted from the white kidney bean. It works as a starch blocker that neutralizes the digestive liquids which converts the carbs into sugar.

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Phase2 has been clinically proven to reduce the absorption of carbohydrate calories. Dietrene also contains Vanadium and chromium chelavite, a trace mineral.

Does Dietrene really work?

The main component in Dietrene Phase2 has been clinically tested and proven to be a carb blocker. The other ingredients – Vanadium and Chromium chelavite are believed to be important for cellular metabolism and helpful in maintaining the blood sugar levels.

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But the sellers have not disclosed the proportion in which these components are used in Dietrene. It does not seem to be a magical tool in weight loss. It could be used as a weight management tool rather.

Side Effects of Dietrene:

The active ingredients in Dietrene are all natural. The possibilities of negative side effects from the usage of the product seem to be minimal.

Dietrene Free Trial Offer:

The sellers of Dietrene offer an initial free trial. The free trial offers by the sellers of any product does not come really free. Read the terms and conditions carefully before ordering for free trial.

Bottom Line :

It is my opinion that Dietrine, as a carb blocker, can be better used as a weight management supplement since it may stop one from putting on extra weight. Those who are over weight and looking to cut down on weight are suggested to opt for hardcore weight loss supplements? available on the market like phen375.