Duromine Weightloss Tablets Review

Duromine Appetite Suppressant Complete Review

Duromine(R) 30 Mg, is a brand name of Phentermine diet pill, which is one of? the popular slimming pills in Australia. Duromine has had its license canceled and reissued several times by Europian Unions mainly because of its dangerous side effects. And it was finally banned in Europe in 2002.

Duromine Appetite Suppressant

Duromine Fact Sheet

Effectiveness: ***
Usability: **
Price: **
User Feedback: ***
Medical Backing: Extensively tested
*Prescription only
Side Effects:

  • Dry mouth
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhoea
  • High blood pressure
  • Blurred vision
  • Palpitations
  • Psychosi
  • Convulsions

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Duromine Review:

Phentermine is the active ingredient in Dromine-30mg & 15Mg.

Recognised by leading health officials as being a natural appetite suppressant, Duromine’s active ingredient phentermine works by:

  • Making the users’ brain to believe their hunger levels are reduced. This is achieved through the release of neurotransmitters that signal a fight-or-flight response within the body.
  • Breaking down stored fat, using the body?s natural fat cells.

Available only to obese patients who have been prescribed Duromine by their physicians, Duromine can effectively help users who have struggled to lose weight in the past by offering them a initial helping hand.

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Duromine side effects

Side effects of Duromine can include:

Restlessness Excess energy Insomnia
Euphoria Dysphoria Difficulty in breathing
Light headedness Weakness Ankle and extremity Swelling
Increase in blood pressure Fatigue Headache
Dryness of the mouth Unpleasant taste Diarrhea, Constipation
Impotence Changes in sex drive

Duromine dosages

Duromine capsules should be taken once daily, either before breakfast or within 2 hours after having breakfast. It is advised to take Duromine early in the day as it is known to cause insomnia and increased energy levels.

Doromine capsules should be swallowed whole and with plenty of water.

Your doctor will tell you if Duromine 30mg, Duromine15mg or Duromine 40mg is the correct dosage for you.

Duromine is not recommended for patients of 16 years old or younger. It is not recommend that the elderly be prescribed Duromine.

What precautions should be taken before using Duromine?

Inform your Doctor of the following:

  • Any allergies that you may have, especially to if you have a known allergy to phentermine.
  • Any other medicines that you are taking at the time (both prescription and over the counter)
  • If your medical history includes high blood pressure, a heart condition, arteriosclerosis, overactive thyroid, diabetes, glaucoma or drug abuse.
  • Do you suspect that you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. If you become pregnant whilst taking Duromine tell your doctor.
  • Are you are breastfeeding a child.
  • If you are prone to agitated states.

Dosage & usage practices

Dromine dosage will be determined by the doctor. He has to take into consideration several aspects of your body before deciding on the dosage. The patient should strictly follow the instructions of the doctor. The normal dosage is one or two capsules a day. However, make sure that the number and timing given by the doctor must be strictly adhered to.

For a normal person without any other medical problems there are no known side effects. Pregnant people and those who intend to be pregnant soon are not given this medicine.

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Those with high blood pressure, heart valve problem, severe heart disease and diabetes are not given this medicine. When you are prescribed Duromine, inform the doctor of the medicines you are taking. He must be told of all the medicines you are taking regularly and those you have taken during the past fortnight.

Druomin must be swallowed as it is. Never chew it. Take plenty of water with it. Normally the doctor prescribes to take it along with breakfast. Everyday you should take it at the same time for the best results. Don’t give it to children under 12 and old people. Sleep will be affected for sometime after taking Druomin.

That is why it is recommended for the morning.

  • If you forget to take it in the morning take it at lunch.
  • Again, if you forget for lunch skip the medicine for that day.
  • If taken at noon it may affect your sleep at night at least for sometime.

Is Duromine Recommended? Where Can I Buy It?

Of course, you should buy it only if your Doctor prescribes it for you. We don’t recommend it mainly because of its long list of side effects. Moreover, Doromine is a banned drug in most of the countries, hence we don’t recommend it.

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You can read more about Duromine at Wikipedia.org


  • Nana Ama

    I just started it and think it is scary.

    • Tshiamo

      Why is it scary.Im intending to start it.Does it work?

      • D

        I started it yesterday, i was feeling very enegetic bt today m fine. after taking it i drink some slimming milkshakes and during the day I eat lots of fruits and water so m fine i dnt feel those effects. I am on 30mg

    • Ali

      Hi Every one, Where can I buy Duromine in UK? or any website that I could order online?
      Thank you

  • Matthew

    It does work, however it feels much like anphetine.

    I found myself concentrating really hard on everythig and struggled to sleep.

    Heart burn is a side affect also, don’t be put off but I think you should consider maybe a few days a week not 7.

    • michelle

      it is an amphetamine…………….its exactly the same as speed………..i was on duromine from 18 to 24 years of age …..its addictive ,,,,,,,,i could clean my house from top to bottom over and over again …i had so much energy,,,,,no doctor would supply them now i can assure you of that ,,,,even if you were obese,,,,,,,im 48 now and would take them agaiin if i could get hold of them ,,,,when i was on them i went from 9 stone to 6 stone ,,,,my doctor at the time would hand them out to me on repeat presciption…. yes they are brilliant and amazing ,,,, the weight just drops off ..BUT YOUR HEALTH IS SERIOUSLY IMPAIRED,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Martie Weyers

    I am on Duromine tablets for 3 days now, my tummy hurts a lot, and it keeps me awake at night.

  • Eunice

    Duromine works the only thing it will make you sleep for less hours at nignt.I was weighing 95kg in just two weeks I lost about 12kg. for me it was wonderful I am maintaining my weight by excercising and eating less fried foods and drinking to much water from the tap rather than the fridge.

  • sibongile

    Hi Guys
    Can you please tell me where i can get this pills in Pretoria,a GP or Pharmacy mayb.

  • Nikki

    Hi Guys,

    I have been on Duromine 30mg for a week now and have not lost any weight yet, how long does it take to get working?? I feel pretty normal on them, but come late afternoon my eyes get a lil blury. It hasnt changed my sleep at all which is good ๐Ÿ™‚

  • laurie kay

    hello, has anyone ever ordered phentermine or duromine online without a perscription. I would actually like to get the pills and nothing generic.

    Any suggested is appreciated. thanks

    • Julie Little

      Would like to try myself Laurie if you find out please let me know, or if anyone can recommend anything similiar.Would appreciate any help.

      • duro-girl

        i can get u duro 40mg for $350.00 a box of 30 pills.

        • Temerity

          Really? It’s impossible to get. Is it duromine or a substitute if the real thing I would buy these from you

        • monica

          please get me some i am in jhb

        • amiee

          I am from aus and was getting duromine 40mg from the pharmacy for $120 AUD for 30. I have come to london and run out are you able to get some, or does anyone know where i can get some, obviously i am willing to pay $$. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Carine

      I dont like to sound like a know-it-all but I wish that
      you people would catch a wake up and realise what you are doing to yourselves. I only looked up duromine because I heard that I friend has been taking them. She is not even obese and I think that some GPs should be shot. I am talking from experience. I am now 47 years old and have not taken any form of diet pill for 6 years and never been better.Most of my life before that I was taking some kind of diet pill or another (including a tonic made by a pharmacy in Pretoria that almost killed me). There is no substitute for healthy eating and exercise. You may never become your desired weight and size but if you follow this 80% of the time you will never have a serious problem. I cant believe how little some people are eating according to the posts and how much they are exercising. I started doing everything in moderation (although I do binge on healthy food) and my whole life changed. Dont mess up your metabolism with these pills.

      • Gemma

        I completely agree with Carine, I’ve tried so many diets/diet pills (even the silly bean diet) and the only thing that has worked is changing the way I eat and the way I think about food and adding extra activity into my life. I’ve lost 30kgs (just short of 5 stone) over 18 months through a weightloss plan in the UK called Slimming World. What keeps me going is that I feel good and the people at my group are my support network. I also don’t eat any gluten because I’m intolerant – it helps my weightloss avoiding pies and pastries ๐Ÿ™‚

        Everytime you teach your body to rely on a drug or pill or shake or injection you are making it harder for you to live a healthy lifestyle on your own.

  • lynn

    these pills are banned for a reason and sites like this should not be selling them, i speak from experince

  • Mandy

    where can i buy duromine in the uk,i have used it before and it really worked 4 mi 5yrs ago but i stopped because the supplier back in preoria couldnt gt it anymore,please help am in desperate need

  • Kathy

    duromine can be bought in northern ireland from a place called HEALTHCARE 2000. You be under suppervision from a qualified GP and weighed on a weekly basis. They do work, but mood swings are awful!

  • linda cross

    how much is this product any side effects.

  • sarah

    U can buy them at healthcare 2000 in Leeds or Newleaf healthcare as it is now called. They do reduktill, phentermine, and another appetite suppressant depending on what u need to weigh, u need to go weekly to start with then can get a months in advance. They do weight u and do blood pressure and give you a diet sheet to go with them.

  • sarah

    They are ?18 for a weeks supply BTW.

  • Mador SA

    I don’t know what everyone is on about! I’ve been prescribed Duromine by my doctor, am on my 2nd box of 30 and I have not lost a single ounce. I have only one of the side effects mentioned, and that is insomnia, but then I take an over the counter sleeping pill, Somnil, at night and I sleep very well. So yes, they are available, and no, they do not work, not for me anyway.

  • Faith SA

    I am presently taking Duromine i aalso take a walk take plenty of water i have challenge with sleeping i also control the amount of food i am taking theres a change frequent drinking of water helps a lot reduce lot of side effects i lost wait i feel confident i wiill continue to take exercise

    • Liz SA

      Faith I saw that you are residing in South Africa,where can I get duromines & how much do they cost? Is there anyway I can get them without a prescription? I reside in Johannesburg please reply I’m desperate. Thanks

      • aneesa

        Hi liz if u have any luck please let me know I’m also desperate and realy need to start soon I’m gaining half A kg a day and can’t stop the weight gain I havnt eaten in days but not looseing anything

      • jakkals

        I have been using it for 2 weeks and lost 3kg. I got my prescription from my GP after I had a medical check-up. I buy them from Clicks pharmacy and they are R255-00 the cheapest you find them. I have lots of enery, did struggle to sleep but it is getting better.

  • Wing

    I want to buy duromine 30g .
    Where can i online buy it , i’m in Hong Kong .



  • Laura

    Hi All
    I have recently moved from Aus and could buy Duromine from a source back home quite easily however does anyone know of anywhere in London or UK? I have searched the internet numerous times and come up with nothing. Please let me know if anyone has a source!

  • Rochelle

    Speaking from personal experience, I think Duromine is wonderful, ive lost weight (about a kilo a week), sleep better, have more energy, no longer get food cravings and have had no side effects at all.
    I think with these things people have the right to choose for themselves and see what works for them, everyone is different.

    • aneesa

      Hi it makes me happy to hear sum one possitive abyt this.I realy want to start but strugleing to get them.u go girl I’m realy happy for u

  • aneesa

    I just turned 25 and for some reason iv put on 12kgs in 2 weeks I’m desperate to get my hands on doromine as iv since been dieting and exersising but only gaining more each day I feel doctors shud prescribe it coz for a thin person to rapidly gain weight for no good reason can put u into secere depression I only weigh 62 but I refuse to leave the house looking like this and already have sleepless nights jusy thinking abt my issue

  • Angela

    Hi Everyone, many years ago, about 25, I was prescribed Duromine from a doctor working from his home, If my memory serves me well they where 30mg and I thought they where fabulous, I cleaned my house from top to bottom with the increased energy levels I had and my appetite was decreased, therefore I lost the pounds. I wouldn’t however take them every day probably more sensible to take one every other day. I am looking for them again as a kick start along with slimming world which I plan to start next Tuesday. I want to lose 2 stone. Anyone know of anyone in the Uk selling duromine, the site I found where selling them for ?195 for a 30 tablets – way over the odds, does anyone know of Duromine selling for a reasonable amount???? Thank you.

  • Darius Oren

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