Lipofuze Fat Burner Review

Can you really lose 10 lbs in a week with Lipofuze?

lipofuzeLipofuze is not the first slimming pill company to make exaggerated weight loss claims. But Lipofuze has gone to the extreme claiming guaranteed reduction of 10 lbs of pure fat in just 7 days. If their claim materializes, then Lipofuze would have become world famous in no time.

In reality Losing 10 pounds of fat in 7 days is impossible without surgery.

Losing 10 pounds requires burning of 35000 calories over and above normal calories, or burning extra 5000 calories every day. This can happen only when our metabolic rate (calorie burning rate) gets tripled. But the well known fact is that no diet pill would be able to do this.

Lipofuze is Fat burner and Fat burners are least effective

Lipofuze is a fat burning diet pill that is meant for speeding up metabolism, the calorie burning furnace of our body. But artificially accelerating metabolism doesn’t seem to work on all people. Moreover increasing metabolism artificially leads to dangerous side effects as it is done by increasing heart rate, increasing heat in the body etc.

Fat burners are not meant for safe and healthy weight loss. Fat burners are considered as least effective weight loss aids while fat binders and appetite suppressants are dominating the slimming pill market.

Lipofuze Ingredients:

Lipofuze has a whole lot of ingredients, but their proportion in the Lipofuze formulation is not disclosed. This arises some suspicion about the genuineness of the slimming pill. Let?s just have a look at the main ingredients to see can it aid in losing at least 5 pounds a week.

Unfortunately, too many ingredients have spoiled Lipofuze. None of the ingredient in Lipofuze can be in required quantity to aid weight loss

1. ThermoDiamine (evodiamine, a Chinese fruit)😕 This ingredient in proven to produce heat on animals, no studies have been conducted on human beings so far.

2. Razberi-K (Raspberry Ketone) ? These are said to aid fat oxidation, but again studies on human beings do not prove its effectiveness.

3. FucoPure: The patented form of fucoxanthin, a seaweed extract making its way into more and more fat burners these days. But the bitter truth is that this ingredient cannot be absorbed by human body easily. This renders the ingredient useless in Lipofuse formulation.

4. Forslean: This is a patented version of coleus foskohlii extract that can aid weight loss, but isn’t a miracle ingredient.

5. GuggulEZ100

It is a patented form of guggulsterones which can burn fat by increasing thyroid T3 hormone levels. But this is possibly only when one takes 2-3 grams every day. But Lipofuze doesn?t have required amount of guggul in its daily dosage. So, it is hardly qualified as a “miracle” ingredient. [ref]

6. Bioperine is a standardized black pepper extract which is said to stimulate digestion. This can be counter effective as it might stimulate even hunger making you to eat more.

7. Green tea: This is a great ingredient as has some real benefits for weight loss when present in a significant amount. But, unfortunately, Lipofuze is highly unlikely to have required amount of green tea.

The other ingredients present are Capsaicin, Synephrine HCL, 7-OXO DHEA, cinnamon, phenylethylamine, ginger, and 20-hydroxyecdysone (a plant (and insect) steroid.

This pill can never aid you lose 10 pound of pure Fat in 7 days. If you can lose 1 pound (pure fat, not water weight) in a week using Lipofuze, you are lucky.

Lipofuze Side effects:

The ingredients in the lipo fuze formula aren’t too harmful to our body. But interaction between the ingredients and their effects on our body is not known. Considering user feedbacks, the common side effects of Lipofuze are headache, nausea, insomnia, increased heart rate etc.

Lipofuze User Feedback and reviews: Scam warning!

Lipofuze doesn’t get you guaranteed weight loss. No contact details render the refund guarantee useless.

From user feedbacks online on Lipofuze, one thing is very clear, it is not a miracle weight loss supplement. Some have reported fast weight loss in the first few days (water weight?) but the rate of weight loss is less than 1% of what they claim.

Many users have called it as a BIG SCAM saying it hasn’t helped them to lose even a pound.

No contact information and useless money back guarantee is what is being discussed by lipofuze users online at many websites and forums. Though the sellers give 100% money back guarantee on their website, you can contact them only through email, no contact information, no phone number, no company details are disclosed.

According to deceived users, their emails never get answered, and in no way they can get refunded. Lipobind costs $50 per bottle. Not a cheap slimming pill. So think a lot before you buy lipofuze.

Better Alternative

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Looking at user reviews, you get a scam warning. Do not risk your money and health by going for this diet pill. It looks like another quick weight loss scam.


  • Neil

    The purpose of losing weight is for improved health. If the weight-loss does not also lead to this then it is not worth it.

    As someone who lost 15kg in a year in 2008 and maintained this loss during all of 2009 I know what worked for me and that is doing a lot of regular exercise, in particular weight-based but also a fair amount of cardio-vascular, and a moderate diet, reducing the amounts of things that are obviously bad for you like cake. Note: reducing, not necessarily cutting out completely.

    The weight exercise seems to be the key factor though. Do that and you’ve probably solved the problem and you’ll be healthy too.

  • Marifer

    MIre la verdad yo compre el producto ami me funciona empeze el mercole y he perdido ya 6 libras en menos de una semana el unico problema que tengo son las nauseas porque no resito nada de comida en el estomago no se si querrer perder peso asi pero es terrible ya no quiero ni seguir tomando las pastillas pero si son fuertes y si funcionan.

  • Halfwaythere

    I ordered the whole kit, 3 day detox, 7 day slimming, and 30 day Lipofuse. The detox was miserable to take but I saw some weight loss. After I moved onto the slimming pill I felt horrible. I wound up not finishing it because I couldn’t take the nausea and headache anymore. I rested my stomach for a day and moved into lipofuse. First day I couldn’t keep it down. Day 2 I felt nauseas but I often do when taking supplements of any kind. After that I felt fine just a little foggy. But I dropped weight like mad at first. (water weight) after that I plateaued. I’ve had a foggy headache and been really irritable. I think it’s the pent up energy. Tomorrow I’ll start running to see what that does. I’m half way through and I will be honest I’m not perfect at a pill schedule, I am an exerciser by heart but I lost my drive about a year ago and was looking for a way to get back in my old clothes and give me a jump start on restarting my work out program. I would not recommend planning heavy work out for the first couple weeks till you know what this pill will do to you. I will say that although my weight has plateaued my waste has dropped 3 sizes! Not sure how’s that’s possible. I’m going to finish the month and I’ll let you all know what the overall is. For me anyway, important to remember everyone is different and you won’t really know what works by others accounts. However reading ahead to make sure it’s more then one o two people claiming weight loss is smart. Hope everyone finds something that helps. I’m satisfied with the jump start this pill gave me. I plan on working out to keep the weight off though so I don’t know if those looking for a drop down and keep me there without working out pill will feel the same.

  • Brooklynn

    It’s funny how all these comments are negative. I used to weigh 150, and now I’m down to 110. You need to exercise with this product. It’s not just going to eat your fat away. It’s called working out, you don’t see results unless you work. It’s not handed to you on a shiny gold platter. I use this product, and in the beginning yeah I didn’t feel the best, I did vomit and have diarrhea but after my body got used to the nutrients in the pill, it helped burn off the calories. It’s an EXTREME weight loss pill, so it’s going to make you sick. Just deal with it or send it back.

    The whole complaining about mail order, it tells you 4-6 weeks for delivery. LEARN TO READ THE FINE PRINT!! Kay? Kay! Sorry to be a bitch, but you’re complaining and the things you complain about can be fixed.

    • Zai

      Hi, I jus began this product today, I really do not feel to good. But I was wondering if u first started out with the detox before starting with the actual pill. Also I would want to know what you recommend for this pain to go away. I follow the instructions and I drunk atleast 6 bottles of water today. So all I wanting was some more advice. Thank You

  • ana

    well…. ive taken these pill for 2 days and i feel really tired and sleepy but i checked with my scale and i dropped 3lb already but i feel sooo bad.. is it worth it?

  • Amy

    I’m literally on my first day of LIPOFUZE after doing the 3 day extreme detox thingy to kick-start the process. I’m young, I exercise regularly and eat well, just trying it out of curiosity more than anything. I don’t have much weight to lose, only 5 – 7kg. So far, after taking only 2 pills I’m feeling foggy, shaky, and have a noticeably increased heart rate. My appetite has definitely decreased already but I’m a very busy person and understand that energy comes from food so I made sure to eat all my lunch.

    So far no weight has dropped off, but I will persevere for at least a week and will comment when I know more.

  • ashley

    ok so i have been taking this pill for only 2 days and i have already trashed it… it does nothing but cause heartburn, makes me wanna sleep all day and night, and just makes me even more hungry. im not fat. all i wanted was to lose 10 lbs.. but i for one and not going to even buy this again. u dont get ur money back. this site is a scam. i called poison control and this pill can cause serious damage. in the past month it has put 100’s of ppl in the hospital and gave a few ppl a heart attack. i was advised to trash it and to take alli for better results. it might b more expensive but well worth the money if it has no serious side effects like this pill does.

  • Day

    i have just finish my 2nd day with the 3 day detox and was woken up with extreme abdominal pain. i haven’t had bowl movements in 3 days and i feel like that is why i am in so much pain. i called the number given on the lipofuze website, and unlike what i read in some of these comments, they answered the phone within a minute or so and told me to either cut my dosage in half or to not take my last days worth at all. i had also told the woman that i was reading online that a lot of people didn’t get their money back, and she said the reason why people don’t receive their money back is because it states on the website that when you return your bottles one bottle of lipofuze and one bottle of the detox can be open.. if you ordered 3 bottle and all three are opened then no, you wont get your money back. and also you need to have a number or code given by the people in customer service. i hope this helps you guys.
    i however am going to atleast try my first bottle and see how that goes. but other than my abb pain the pill seems to be keeping me from eating. and a headache now and then but nothing thats not too bad.

  • Cliff

    Hey how don’t we know these negative comments are the competions If the effects were so severe we there would be warning from lawyers having people call to seek legal help like we see on tv having to do with diseases and dangerous pills and we haven’t. Matter of fact there look to have been nothing staid or showing any things that happen like heart attacks. I mean the ingredients are all natural I totally understand having to use the restroom more and minor temporarily effects but nOthing being aS bad as described here. I’m not blaming the site nor the people but it’s something to think bout

    • Chrissy

      Thanks for that thought. i’m going to be starting this when it gets here and these reviews were scaring me in the extreme, but your comment, i must say makes a little sense. So you tried it and it works? Awesome byebye

  • Denise

    I read all of the mixed reviews and was not sure about taking the risks. I orderd the pills on line and received within one week. Today is day 1 and the only obvious effect that I have noticed is that I feel like my eyes have increaed in size (extra alert) like drinking too much coffee. However, I do not have the jitters, nor heartburn, nor headaches, nor upset stomach like others have described. My appetite is much less, which is good. Overall, pleased with the product for day one.