Xenical Orlistat Review

Extremely obese people are often asked to go for Xenical fat binder pills, the famous brand of Orlistat prescription diet drug.

Xenical is strictly a prescription only fat loss drug. It is a orlistat weight loss medication produced from with chemically formulated ingredients. It is a proven fat binder pill. It can bind or prevent absorption of one third of dietary fat.

It has been brought under ?prescription only? category because of its dangerous side effects. There is no doubt that it works in reducing weight. But the only concern here is the harmful side effects it can cause. Due to this reason, Xenical is meant only for dangerously overweight or obese people.

But the effectiveness of Xenical as a weight loss aid can not be beaten or met by any other non-prescription fat binder on the market. If this doesn?t work, no other diet pill on the market can work in helping people lose weight.

If your doctor prescribes Xenical for you, it means you have reached the ?highly obese? category and no other diet pill can aid in loosing weight in the pace required for being in a safe zone.

Can anyone take Xenical?

No, this should not be taken unless it is prescribed by a doctor. Over dosage of Xenical can even kill people!

How Xenical works?

?It is diet pill that works in a totally different manner than that of fat burning or appetite suppressing diet supplements. It blocks fat from absorption by chemically attaching to the fat calories to make them too big and indigestible.

It does not boost metabolism or send a signal of being full to the brain. It just prevents fat absorption. It is proven to bind and block over 33% of fat calories from being absorbed into the body. The unabsorbed fat naturally passes out of the body.

Xenical Side effects:

This is rather more important part of whole Xenical review. The list of inconveniences it can cause is very long.

Xenical is reported to cause Abdominal discomfort or pain, anxiety, Arthritis, Back pain, Diarrhea (generally mild and goes away), Dizziness, Earache, Fatigue, Fatty or oily stools (20% of patients), Fecal urgency or incontinence ? (22.1% of patients), flu Gas with fecal discharge (generally mild and goes away – 23.9% of patients) Gum problems, Headache, Increased defecation, Incontinence (fecal) – 7.7% of patients, leaky stools in some patients temporarily, Menstrual problems, Muscle pain, Nausea, Rectal discomfort or pain, Respiratory tract infections, Skin rash, Sleep problems, Stomach cramps, Tooth problems, Urgency to have a bowel movement, Urinary tract infections, Vaginal inflammation, Vomiting and even can be life threatening.

Less common side effects are dry skin, ear/nose/throat problems and joint disorders. After a year of treatment with Xenical, one might experience depression, leg pain, swollen feet and tendonitis.

Where to buy Xenical?

It should not be sold with a prescription. But illegally it is sold online just like a non-prescription pill. But the quality of such pills is highly doubtful, as there are more chances of it being duplicate.

Do not buy Xenical even if it is available for cheap prices online, buy it from a chemist if your doctor prescribes it for you.

Xenical alternatives:

  1. Alli is the only FDA approved non-prescription diet pill with the same ingredient Orlistat that Xenical has but with lower strength.? But it not preferred by people mainly because of some embarrassing side effects like anal leakage! It is proven to bind ? of fat.
  2. Proactol Plus ?is another popular non-prescription alternative to Xenical. Proactol is a herbal fat binder clinically proven to bind upto 28% of fat and to suppress appetite.
  3. Lipobind is a fat binder made from cactus extracts.? But this is known for bad marketing? and advertising practices.
  4. Phen375. It’s a fat burning diet pill as opposed to fat binder. It’s made from high strength chemical ingredients. Perhaps, it is the only non-prescription diet pill to be manufactured in a FDA approved lab.

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